Our Vision

Our Vision

The Team Granger, with its family heritage and commitment to excellence, embodies values such as integrity, perseverance, and personalized customer service. We are more than a team; we are narrators of your next residential chapter. Together, let's build your real estate story.

We Are Équipe Granger

The Granger Team, led by François Granger, embodies excellence and commitment in residential and commercial real estate brokerage. With over 15 years of experience, François and his team provide exceptional service, based on ethics, passion, and performance. Marine Foucher, bringing professionalism and integrity for over two years, strengthens this dedicated team, attentive to client needs. Joined by Charles-Antoine Granger, a dynamic representative of the new generation, they combine expertise, availability, and attentiveness to ensure the success of each real estate transaction, thereby offering a unique and reliable experience to their clientele.

Cornerstones Our Real Estate Excellence

Our pride lies in the fusion of our core values with our passion for real estate. Here are the four cornerstones that are the essence of the Granger Team and which light our path to the success of every transaction.

  1. 01. Local Knowledge

    Harness the power of our deep-rooted understanding of the Terrebonne, L'Assomption, and Repentigny markets. Our guidance is informed and astute, empowering you to make enlightened decisions in your real estate endeavors.

  2. 02. Commitment

    We stand by your side throughout your real estate journey. Our relentless effort to achieve your goals and exceed your expectations is unwavering.

  3. 03. Tailored Experience

    Each client is unique, each dream home is different, and each investment goal is special. Our approach is meticulously sculpted around your individual real estate aspirations.

  4. 04. Proven Results

    We are defined by the successful outcomes we consistently achieve for our clients. Whether buying or selling, we are dedicated to securing the best results for you.

Sell With Équipe Granger

Buy With Équipe Granger

Discover the Team Granger Difference

Experience a real estate journey redefined by the Team Granger, where every transaction is tailored to your individual aspirations. We dedicate time to understand your unique needs and craft a strategic plan that's just as distinctive as your real estate goals. Whether you're buying or selling, our meticulous attention to detail, in-depth market expertise, and robust negotiation skills ensure a seamless and triumphant experience.


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Charles-Antoine Granger

Charles-Antoine Granger

Residential Real Estate Broker
A real estate broker since 2016, Charles-Antoine will earn your trust and ensure the success of your real estate transaction.

Cellphone: 514-705-2311

Marine Foucher

Marine Foucher

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker
Dedicated and passionate, she will unravel the major steps of a real estate transaction for you and make the whole process enjoyable.

Cellphone: 514-699-8794

François Granger

François Granger

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker
His deep knowledge of the local real estate market ensures a unique real estate experience for his clients.

Cellphone: 514-562-3172