Sell With Assurance Thanks to the Team Granger

Are you considering selling your property? Trust in the expertise of the Team Granger for a sale that not only meets but exceeds your expectations in terms of performance and return on investment. Our personalized approach ensures every aspect of your sale is handled with care and professionalism.

Why Choose Team the Granger to Sell?

The Team Granger turns the sale of your property into a smooth and reassuring experience. With over 16 years of local market experience and consistent recognition for our performance, we ensure a beneficial transaction, highlighting every aspect of your property. Our approach is based on a strong partnership, as beyond just selling, our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Peace of Mind Assured

Selling a property is a journey we walk with you, providing personalized and attentive follow-up from the start. With us, you will navigate the selling process with serenity, allowing you to fully concentrate on your future plans.

Proven Expertise

Rely on our distinctive know-how in the residential, commercial, and condominium sectors. We deploy in-depth and current market knowledge to ensure an effective sale, with an eye for details that make a difference.

Tailored Approach

Every sale is unique at the Team Granger. We develop sales strategies that perfectly match your property and expectations, ensuring an ideal market positioning and achieving your sales goals.

Your Success, Our Collaboration

Success in real estate sales comes from a close and personalized collaboration with each client. The Team Granger commits to standing by your side, highlighting our partnership to achieve your sales goals together.

Active Partnership in Sales

  1. Attentive listening to your needs and objectives
  2. Implementation of a detailed sales plan tailored to your specifications
  3. Transparent communication and regular updates
  4. Enhancement of your property with expert advice

Our Real Estate Expertise

  1. Personalized sales strategies, based on recognized experience
  2. Professional advice for preparing your property for sale
  3. Innovative and targeted marketing solutions
  4. An extensive network to maximize the visibility and appeal of your property

The Largest Real Estate Network

  1. Exceptional visibility and professional staging of your property
  2. Access to a wide pool of qualified buyers
  3. Negotiation led by seasoned brokers for optimal results
  4. Meticulous follow-up until the sale is concluded

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Maximize Your Property's Selling Potential with the Granger Team

When you choose to sell in the dynamic areas of Terrebonne, L'Assomption, or Repentigny, the Granger Team is there to ensure an unmatched selling experience. Our deep knowledge of the local market, combined with a personalized selling strategy, guarantees that your property stands out and reaches the best possible market.

From the start, our team dedicates itself to understanding your unique needs, accurately assessing your property, and using innovative marketing tools to showcase it in the best light. We highlight each feature of your property through professional photography and quality virtual tours, targeting a wide network of potential buyers.

Negotiation is our strength, and we are committed to protecting your interests at every step of the process. By choosing us, you benefit from recognized expertise and a selling strategy that translates into results. Sell with confidence in the Granger Team's sector, and witness a successful transaction.


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Charles-Antoine Granger

Charles-Antoine Granger

Residential Real Estate Broker
A real estate broker since 2016, Charles-Antoine will earn your trust and ensure the success of your real estate transaction.

Cellphone: 514-705-2311

Marine Foucher

Marine Foucher

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker
Dedicated and passionate, she will unravel the major steps of a real estate transaction for you and make the whole process enjoyable.

Cellphone: 514-699-8794

François Granger

François Granger

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker
His deep knowledge of the local real estate market ensures a unique real estate experience for his clients.

Cellphone: 514-562-3172